Interview Assurance Program

Interview Assurance Program

Thank you for donating your very valuable time volunteering as an interviewer we really appreciate your support!

Your participation provides young people with the opportunity to have a mock interview to give them a real interview experience and receive valuable feedback to complete this experiential learning.

The program is run in Government, Catholic and Independent schools as well as other community education settings.

SSBEN staff will be present on the day to ensure it all runs smoothly. Please arrive at the school office 15 minutes prior to your scheduled start time. You will be required to sign in and escorted to the interview area.

What does the program entail?

• The school is required to identify the year level or group for the interviews and student names.

• Each young person will have an individual 10 – 15 minute mock interview with a volunteer employer

• Students will come prepared as if they were attending a real interview

• SSBEN will provide general interview questions and an evaluation form for the interviewers to complete

As an interviewer your role is to:

• Provide each student with feedback on their application, presentation and performance.

• Provide each student with some “real world” interview tips based on your own experience and life learning.

• Objectively complete the feedback sheet (sample copy attached) for each student with constructive feedback.

These sheets will be utilised by the school’s Career Adviser in a post interview lesson to consolidate the

learnings from the interview experience.

Please use the links below if you require any assistance with general interview techniques or contact us on 9542 000. 

Download PDF Interview Assurance - Instructions for Volunteer InterviewersInterview Assurance - Instructions for Volunteer Interviewers